3Hold Technologies reaches an agreement with Scania for the design of its SAP infrastructure on AWS and the creation of its first SAP BW/4HANA environment

3Hold Technologies reaches an agreement with the parent company of Scania (Sweden) to carry out the design of the entire AWS infrastructure to host all its SAP solutions for the Parts Logistics organization in collaboration with Scania SAP COE (SAP Center of Excellence) and will also create the first SAP BW / 4HANA environment following that design.

Scania is a Swedish manufacturer of premium sustainable trucks, buses and heavy engines owned by the Volkswagen Group. It is pioneering in autonomous driving and electrification for the transport fleet, driving the shift towards a sustainable transport system.

The Swedish manufacturer is a large AWS customer which has been practicing Cloud adoption for more than 3 years through its own practice to carry out Cloud projects, led by its Cloud Adoption Team (CLAD) and its own security team (iSEC), both teams are governed under the premises dictated by the AWS Well Architected Framework guides as well as best practices in terms of security in the cloud. Within their adoption policies they highly reward Infrastructure as code, DevOps and more strategies for the automation of deployment processes not only of infrastructure but also of the solutions that are built on AWS.

As an AWS Advanced Consulting Partner with SAP Competence and SAP Gold Partner and thanks to their experience with more than 30 clients and in more than 50 projects, 3Hold Technologies has developed its own holistic approach when it comes to designing, creating, migrating, automating and managing SAP workloads on AWS and has recently been selected as one of the AWS Migration Acceleration Program (MAP) for SAP partners.

The first collaboration (Design phase) was carried out in three stages following the 3Hold Migration Factory for SAP methodology.

3Hold Migration Factory for SAP corresponds to the three stages defined in the MAP for SAP program (Asses, Mobilize, Migrate and Modernize). In the case of Asses, 3Hold divides it into three sub-phases that are designed to tackle any digital transformation project:

  • Discover: Determination of the current situation of SAP by surveying the current business and technological situation of the company.
  • Brainstorming: Workshop sessions aimed at the discussion and consensus of the business and / or technological proposals that pursue the objective of the SAP project and that are based on the best practices dictated by both AWS and SAP.
  • Planning: Preparation of the final detailed documentation at all levels of the elements necessary to carry out the implementation of the design, in this phase costs, resources, times and other elements necessary for decision making are determined.

SAP is set to be the new backbone of Scania’s application map and therefore represents a very critical infrastructure.

The result of the project has been a specific design for SAP applications and this new design for account, migration strategy, planning, costs, resources, etc. has been implemented in less than 2 months.

After the design project, 3Hold continues with the creation of a complete SAP BW / 4HANA landscape on the AWS cloud.

Denys Popov, Agile Project Manager at Scania Sales IT, leads a team of great professionals called ARC. This team consists of Fred van de Langenberg, Marc Thys, Jatin Ashra, Gustav Arrhenius and Wali Ahmad Shahbaz.

Popov comments: “Here at Scania we are very happy to have a supplier like 3Hold Technologies, who shows great competency when it comes to designing, creating and implementing SAP infrastructures on AWS. Thanks to their own methodology, the design project has been able to be implemented in a record time of less than 2 months. “