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3Hold turns 4 years

After four years of activity, the 3Hold group reaches 40 employees, will open its third office in Las Palmas and expects a turnover close to € 3M in 2019.


Year 2015 – The birth

consultoria barcelona

It was in the summer of 2015 when we founded 3Hold with the idea of creating a different consultancy to the ones we knew in the market. We had a vocation to really understand what the client needed in a honest and pragmatic way.

Having a transversal knowledge of the business by having been part of the management teams in large companies, as well as having had the opportunity to be trained in the major consulting firms, helped us to embark on this path with confidence and determination.


Year 2016 – Specialization and the embryo of R&D

Once the business was up and running, we decided to focus on two areas of specialization: Retail and Cloud.


3hold Retail


3hold Cloud

The objective was to characterize us as a modern, different and boutique consulting firm in the two businesses we were going to dedicate ourselves to.

2016 was a year of arduous formation and training for the team. At the same time, we started the certification process in the main technologies that we would strategically bet on.

Our aim to lead the technology consultancy sector in the field of retail and cloud services stimulated us, from 2016, to focus on the construction of our first innovative solutions in order to offer our customers greater added value. At the same time, we wanted to show them not only a technological knowledge, but also a deep knowledge of their business. To date, we have developed the following solutions: HanaDrive , CT2, CB2, CAS (Cloud); On-Shelf Availibity, FraudHunter and the Beluga platform. (Retail).


Year 2017 – Alliances and growth


2017 was the year of the first major partnerships. We were already beginning to be known and this allowed us to sign our first agreements with reference companies such as SAP, IBM, AWS, Google, Ortec, Comerzzia and many more.

These initial agreements, fruit of the effort and the results achieved, would crystallize in solid alliances between companies, allowing us to offer more complete services to our clients. We extend our coverage to SAP customers including other industries, such as consumer goods, healthcare, manufacturing, and tourism. We created our third line of business

3Hold SAP

Year 2018 – Consolidation

We started the year 2018 receiving the first recognitions in the market, which was an honor and pride for the whole team.

These recognitions are:

We achieved the objective we set ourselves in the previous year, that is, we managed to consolidate all our customers. For us it was important to grow, but without sacrificing the high level of quality that characterized us in the execution of projects and services since our creation.

The cumulative growth of 2018 led us to triple the size of our offices last December. We needed to accommodate the new 3Holders that will help us meet the challenges of 2019.


oficinas 3Hold Barcelonaconsultoría tecnológica 3Hold

 3Hold offices Barcelona


Year 201 9 Takeoff

                                                         Company dinner summer 2019

After four years of activity, the opening of our office in Las Palmas de Gran Canarias has arrived!

Thanks to the customers who have trusted us and the great team of 3Holders, we have exceeded our most optimistic forecasts. In this way, we have become an important player in the specializations we had set out for ourselves and we have consolidated our business.

Thanks to our customers and partners as well as the fantastic team of 3Holders for these exciting first 4 years!




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