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5 Pillars of Digital Transformation

Every day the technological evolution gives way to new horizons. New ways of doing things more efficiently and more productively arise every day; for example, who would have thought that we would be able to analyze in minutes the sales history of 10 years of a company (Big Data), or predict customer behavior depending on the season of the year (Predictive Analysis) or interconnect with our ERP sensors of a production chain (Internet of things).

The combination and adoption at business level of these technologies give rise to the term Digital Transformation, which encompasses 5 main pillars focused on directing or strengthening the competitiveness of companies in a highly competitive world such as the one we live in today.

Next, we will briefly explain what these 5 main pillars are and, in successive entries, we will look for a way to show you how to put these pillars into practice in your company in order to help you become more competitive.

1. Establish a digital mindset:

In these times, companies must act quickly in the face of the trend of technological evolution. With this objective, the leaders of the organization must be able to know and internalize the current digital capabilities, as well as transfer this knowledge and way of thinking to all levels of the organization. In this way, it will be possible to achieve the internalization and acceptance that there are constant changes.

2. Define a digital destination:

As always, it is important to have well-defined goals and objectives; however, during the course of the Digital Transformation, leaders must maintain an open mentality (the main characteristic of being digital), in which it must be understood that changes in the environment can generate adjustments in the objectives in order to achieve the defined goal.

3. Invest in Digital Technological capacity:

With this pillar you must bear in mind that the interconnection between the physical and digital world will become more and more present and visible. Therefore, technology must be the core or main element when defining new business models and evolving existing ones.

4. Adapt the management of skills and talents:

When the speed at which the digital world evolves is so high, it is necessary to manage and foster entrepreneurial talent in a different way. It is also necessary to inventory current skills, identify gaps in relation to objectives and work to achieve those skills needed in the digital transformation of the company.

5. The evolution of the organization:

As a fifth pillar we have the evolution of the organization, which should be understood not as an end state, but rather as a state in which the needs of the company evolve in synergy with the Digital Transformation; to this end, it seeks to maintain a business culture of adaptation to the changes of the digital world with the aim of providing value to all stakeholders.
In conclusion

Each of these pillars pursues the adoption of a business culture aligned with the rapid digital evolution and the high competitiveness that this evolution brings to the market. According to 3Hold’s perspective, this is not just a temporary trend, but a fact that will give way to the total evolution of what we know today.

As at 3Hold we believe in Digital Transformation, we want to support you in your adoption process and, consequently, we will broaden this topic in successive entries with which you will be able to learn techniques, tools and services that effectively and really support the Digital Transformation of your company or business. Get in touch with us, we´ll be happy to innovate with you!


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Javier Exposito
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