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Amazon Forecast for SAP

Reduce and optimize your stock thanks to Amazon Forecast for SAP

Amazon Forecast for SAP is a connector that links Amazon Forecast with SAP.  From the information generated in SAP, the forecast is calculated in AWS and its result is stored again in the ERP. In this way, you can have your own forecasting engine integrated into SAP ERP, with no need to invest in licenses or expensive integration projects.


POS Data Lake 

Better Retail decision making

POS Data Lake is a centralized and automatically scalable repository that combines Amazon Redshift, Amazon S3, Amazon SNS Notification and Amazon Lambda function in order to store all Point of Sales (POS) tickets with all the detailed information from each one of the POS running on AWS. This way, all POS ticket information can be cost-effectively and centrally stored, managed, classified, and analyzed, helping you to make informed data-driven decisions quickly and confidently. At the same time, it is a web service available for other applications.


Beluga Voice Interface

Increase your in-store productivity

The Beluga Voice Interface integrates Alexa’s voice service with its SAP ERP system. This interface helps large retailers and retail customers increase their in-store productivity. With Beluga’s Voice Interface you can manage in-store stock  or obtain key sales performance indicators via voice control.

SAP y AWS partner

Certified SAP Gold and AWS Advanced consulting partner

As certified partners in both AWS (AWS Advanced Consulting Partner with SAP Competenc y Retail Competency) and SAP (SAP Gold Partner) , and thanks to our experience with more than 50 clients and more than 70 projects, we have developed our own practice when it comes to designing, creating, migrating, automating and managing SAP workloads in AWS. As a certified partner in both AWS and SAP.

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