POS Data Lake

Lay the foundation for better decision making in the retail sector with a scalable repository.

POS Data Lake is a centralized and automatically scalable repository that combines Amazon Redshift, Amazon S3, Amazon SNS Notification and Amazon Lambda function in order to store all Point of Sales (POS) tickets with all the detailed information from each one of the POS running on AWS. This way, all POS ticket information can be cost-effectively and centrally stored, managed, classified, and analyzed, helping you to make informed data-driven decisions quickly and confidently. At the same time, it is a web service available for other applications.

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How does it work?

POS Data Lake is an APN Partner solution that can be rapidly deployed on AWS and provides a way to build a data lake with retail sales information such as products, quantity, dates, discounts applied, promotions obtained, payment information, surveys, and home delivery services requested by your customer.

Today’s retail customers need real-time information that must be obtained as close to the stores as possible to avoid wasted time and unnecessary steps in decision making.

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POS Data Lake

Why POS Data Lake?

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