Cloud Archiving for SAP

Archive your SAP data natively, securely and economically.

Cloud Archiving for SAP (CAS) extends the SAP archiving system so you can automatically and natively store your archived data and documents in the

AWS or IBM Cloud.

How does it work?

With Cloud Archiving for SAP (CAS) all archived data and SAP documents will be stored natively in the AWS Cloud or IBM Cloud. This way, you can save costs in your current storage structure and you can improve the RTO of your DR by reducing the size of your SAP database.

100% compatible with your SAP system and guaranteed for the latest APIs for S3 and Cloud Object Storage (IBM Cloud), CAS can be implemented by an easily installable SAP Add-On. Our tool for the migration of archived data and documents from on-premise to Cloud makes the implementation of our solution transparent by migrating the data from your current SAP Content Repositories to new repositories in the Cloud, that you previously define.

From then on CAS will help to archive all your documents in the AWS or IBM Cloud natively, securely and economically.
Created with the highest standards of security and encryption, all your archived data and documents will be encrypted during their transit to/from Cloud, ensuring the maxiumum privacy of your documents at all times.

In addition, thanks to CAS, you can take advantage of additional benefits such as reducing database space, storage costs, backup time, disaster recovery and much more!

The automatic archiving system that will help you save time and costs

CAS helps to store your SAP data in the cloud natively, securely and economically.

Why CAS?

All benefits at a glance

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