Cloud Computing Solutions

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Cloud Archiving for SAP

Archive your SAP data natively, securely and economically.

Cloud Archiving for SAP (CAS) extends the SAP archiving system so you can automatically and natively store your archived data and documents in the AWS or IBM Cloud.



Test SAP HANA with your own data before purchasing it.

To evaluate SAP HANA before making expensive investments, we have created HanaDrive, a service that allows you to evaluate the advantages of the SAP memory database with your own data before investing in licenses.


S/4HANA Drive

Simplify your journey to S/4HANA

Thanks to S/4HANA Drive, you will be able to see the advantages that S/4HANA has for your business, especially in comparison with the current version. Additionally, you will be able to check the degree of difficulty of your SAP system so that it can be migrated to the new version.


Cloud BigBrother

Integrate monitoring for IaaS systems with Nagios

We know that companies do not want to have multiple monitoring systems. That’s why we have created CB2 – an application that integrates with the APIs of the Cloud market leaders and is implemented as a plug-in with the best OpenSource monitoring tool, Nagios. This way, you will have a centralized monitoring of your entire hardware platform.


Cloud TimeTable

Use only the necessary Cloud instances and save costs.

CT2 enables you to easily configure customized start and stop schedules for your cloud servers consistently in an easy and visual manner. This way, only necessary instances are used.


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