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Cloud TimeTable

Use only the necessary Cloud instances and save costs.

CT2 enables you to easily configure customized start and stop schedules for your cloud servers consistently in an easy and visual manner. This way, only necessary instances are used.

How does it work?

Calendars can be scheduled for one instance, a group of instances, instan-ces with a particular TAG, etc. Thanks to the daily, weekly and monthly calendar views, CT2 helps you plan the working timetable for your servers.

In addition CT2 comes with a series of generic stop and start script templates for the most common database engines and for SAP systems. If our scripts are not enough, clients can select their own script to achieve a consistent stop, regardless of their system.

You can launch scripts after the system has started or before the system is stopped.

The planning modes are:

• Start only
• Stop Only
• Stop and start

We have created this application with our high quality standards that always accompany our products and in the most reliable and innovative language of the web (Ruby on Rails).

The deployment is made by means of a specific script created by our company according to your Cloud provider, which greatly facilitates its implementation, so, as usual you do not have to spend time on anything else than improving your business.

The consistent sheduler that
helps to save costs

Thanks to CT2 only the necessary instances are used.

Why CT2?

All benefits at a glance

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