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Test SAP HANA with your own data before purchasing it.

To evaluate SAP HANA before making expensive investments, we have created HanaDrive, a service that allows you to evaluate the advantages of the SAP memory database with your own data before investing in licenses.

How does it work?

Based on its backup and thanks to our accelerated process of technicalmigration, which is based on the IBM Cloud, we create a secure environment in the Cloud.

We ensure and guarantee the entire process by encrypting: data stored on disk, the process of transition to the Cloud environment and the communica-tions with the new SAP HANA system.
In case you still have doubts about security, one of the most prestigious IT audit firms ensures that the entire process is 100% secure.

In addition to the benefits of SAP HANA, you will discover the Cloud platform IBM Cloud and its advantages in terms of performance, stability, availability and cost flexibility.

HanaDrive, innovates while you are sleeping!

HanaDrive - Test SAP HANA

The safest Test Drive ever.

With HanaDrive your data and communications are encrypted at any moment, ensuring the maximum security of the service.

Why HanaDrive?

All benefits at a glance

Do you want to try SAP HANA?

Get in touch with us for more information about HanaDrive.

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