How can we take advantage of Alexa for SAP and Retail?

Alexa is one of the services available on the Cloud platform of Amazon Web Services. Alexa can be considered as a virtual assistant that allows you to communicate with devices by voice. It can perform searches, play music from other services -such as Spotify-, control intelligent devices, etc… But how can we take advantage of  Alexa for SAP and Retail?

Alexa is often confused with Amazon Echo physical devices, which consists of several different devices. Alexa refers to the AWS service and uses Amazon Echo to utilize the service (non-Amazon devices may exist).

What can Alexa contribute to SAP and Retail?

Alexa can be a good ally for SAP. One of the interesting parts of Alexa is the creation of “skills”, which could be considered as functionalities that increase Alexa‘s features. In this way, we could create new Skills to make transactions with our ERP and thus be more productive in our day to day.

For example, we could create a Skill to provide us with key performance indicators on sales, whenever we want. That way, we don’t need to log in to request the information; we’d just have to talk to Alexa to let us know.

Skills has a limitation, and that is that when we create one, it is public. Obviously, we don’t want to give everyone access to our SAP, do we? However, there is no problem, this can be solved with Alexa for Business.

What does Alexa for Business offer us?

Alexa for Business offers us several advantages over Alexa’s common service.

One of the most relevant advantages is that it allows us to create a private Skill to use within our company. In this way, we will be able to have Skills connected to our SAP and avoid it being in the public domain. Great!

But of course, so many Skills… how do we manage them? Well, here we have another advantage, because we can create groups of Skills. Creating groups allows a more pleasant distribution between devices, since a device located in a meeting room does not need the same Skills as a device in the warehouse.

Alexa for Business also allows us to integrate Alexa into our meetings. Thus, with a simple voice command, Alexa will be able to activate the monitor and share it in the meeting or plan the next meeting.

Stock Store Management with Alexa

In order to facilitate processes in store, 3Hold Technologies has developed “Beluga Alexa Interface”, a solution from our platform Beluga, that integrates SAP with Amazon’s voice service Alexa.


As we can see, technology advances in such a way that allows us to be more productive in our day to day, without wasting time, moreover, in things that really do not add value to our customers. In this case, Alexa can give us a great help, as we can perform a myriad of tasks automated by voice. It is no longer necessary to waste time entering our systems to check information. Alexa will do it for us in a simple and fast way; we only have to tell it what we need, and our virtual assistant will do it.

If you need more information on Alexa o need somebody to help you to integrate Alexa with your SAP, get in touch with us, we would be more than happy to be innovating with you!