Meet us at Think Summit Madrid 2019!

How to accelerate digital transformation with IBM Cloud

3Hold will present one of its SAP ERP on IBM Cloud success stories at the Think Summit Madrid 2019 held on November 11.

Think Summit Madrid is just around the corner!

Think Summit is IBM’s annual conference that aims to share the latest technology trends and strategic knowledge your organization needs to compete in a rapidly transforming digital world.

As a trusted partner of IBM (Silver Business Partner) we will be attending the conference to showcase one of our SAP ERP on IBM Cloud success stories at the Cloud & Infrastructure campus on November 11th at 12pm. We will take a look at how to leverage IBM Cloud technology to implement a robust SAP infrastructure.

Think Summit Madrid 2019 – “Let´s put Smart to work”

This year the Think Summit is held under the slogan “Let´s put Smart to work”.

Through presentations by experts in the different campuses of the event you will learn everything about how to optimize your infrastructure with faster and smarter platforms and services (Cloud & Infrastructure Campus), how to build trust and resilience with the greatest advances in cybersecurity at work (Security & Resiliency Campus) and how to unlock the value of your data and how you can take advantage of it with Artificial Intelligence. (Data & AI Campus)

Keep up to date with the latest technologies, solutions and services and learn how to face the challenges arising from the digital age. Join us at Think Summit Madrid on November 11th, 2019!


Think summit Madrid 2019

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