On-Shelf Availability

Detects real-time stock breakdowns in store.

On-Shelf Availability is a product aimed at companies in the distribution sector (food) and allows real-time detection of stock breakdowns for products ‘A’ in the store line.

How does it work?

Thanks to BigData technology, a large volume of data is collected and stored to later define behavior patterns of the sales defined and patented by 3Hold (cadence, seasonality, schedules, etc.).

Sales tickets will be analyzed in real-time to alert, depending on those patterns, if the failure to sell these products in a given period of time may be due to a lack of stock in the linear. In addition, the system improves with time thanks to the continuous feedback from our patterns.

In order to have all the necessary information, while ensuring maximum independence of the POS software, a hardware device is installed that connects to the cash registers of the stores and sends the data of sales tickets to a server in the cloud . BigData data will be stored there to analyze the data and establish the patterns and their alerts that are sent to customers in the format that they prefer (email, SMS, App, etc.).

Optimize your sales substantially

Thanks to On-Shelf Availability you´ll never loose sales through to the lack of products in the linear

Why On-Shelf Availability?

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