Retail Solutions

Discover the innovative solutions created by 3Hold Technologies, designed to help companies in the retail, wholesale and large distribution sectors optimize processes in all their areas.


Detects and analyzes possible causes of fraud.

FraudHunter is a system that will detect and analyze possible causes of fraud based on the information provided by the sales tickets of a supermarket chain, cash & carry chain, fashion or footwear stores, based on defined compartment patterns, patented at 3Hold.


On-Shelf Availability

Detects real-time stock breakdowns in store.

On-Shelf Availability is a product aimed at companies in the distribution sector (food) and allows real-time detection of stock breakdowns for products ‘A’ in the store line.


Beluga for Retail

Simplify your SAP processes with Fiori

Beluga is a multi-sector process streamlining platform developed by 3Hold Technologies that was created with the aim of solving the usability problems traditionally presented by SAP in its ERP.


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