Route planning with ORTEC

Multiple loading and unloading points; a wide range of different types of vehicles and loads; specific and complex loading requirements; strong time and cost pressures… Add to all these issues, the high variety of demands. All this makes optimal route planning an overwhelming challenge for all planners.

Depending on the complexity of business processes, route planning and load optimization are not always easy activities. Manual route planning according to the “best guess” can often be far from ideal. It also requires considerable time and knowledge on the part of the person doing it.

By implementing and using the ERP transportation solution, you can reach the limits of the standard functionality that SAP makes available to you.
With increasing pressure on streamlining logistics and increasing business efficiency, the demands on information technologies are constantly evolving. Companies working with SAP require robust integrated solutions capable of managing their entire supply chain.

The solution: ORTEC for SAP®ERP (O4S)

ORTEC, a leading global provider of supply chain optimization software, expands the functionality of SAP®ERP with ORTEC for SAP®ERP (O4S), its advanced 3D load optimization and dynamic route scheduling software.


The perfect add-on for transport planning in SAP

ORTEC for SAP®ERP is an add-on integrated into SAP ERP, ORTEC for SAP®ERP that provides best-in-class optimization algorithms. ORTEC for SAP®ERP supports your daily planning of the inbound and outbound supply chain with decision-ready proposals for optimizing the flow of goods and reducing logistics costs.

It offers flexible modules and configurations to pack boxes, assemble pallets, load trucks or containers, as well as to dynamically plan routes that will allow you to customize to your specific needs.
The end user accesses all the functions through the SAP GUI. All the relevant configuration, master data and transactional data are kept within SAP®ERP. The add-in provides expansion and personalization points through BAdI’s, Enhancements Spots and its own customizing functionalities.


Among the benefits ORTEC for SAP offers, we can highlight:

  • Significantly lower transportation costs by optimizing driving distance, driving time, and increased vehicle utilization.
  • Reduction of planning and management time.
  • Reduced waiting times for trucks and/or waiting time for goods in the loading area by knowing which truck it is and when it should be loaded.
  • Increased knowledge of route plans and vehicle costs.
  • Increased ability to meet last-minute changes, e.g. urgent orders.
  • Rapid simulation of different planning scenarios.
  • Summary of results in graphical and tabular form.
  • Comparison of planned routes with actual routes driven.
  • Automatic consideration of restrictions, such as delivery slots and opening hours.
  • Company-specific configuration options
  • Control of legal risks. The planning considers the legal restrictions, such as: dangerous goods, driving hours, capacities, …

Why use ORTEC for SAP®ERP?

With its fleet of 10,000 trucks, 8,500 drivers and 386 million daily deliveries, Coca-Cola® has used the ORTEC for SAP®ERP solution for distribution planning. In this way, it has achieved savings of $50M/year in distribution in North America, where 20% of Coca-Cola® is sold.

Optimization algorithm

How does the algorithm work?

ORTEC for SAP®ERP takes into account all deliveries within a period of time and automatically calculates the optimal combination of inbound and outbound deliveries, as well as the most adjusted cost for them, while complying with all defined restrictions and service levels:

  • Customer restrictions (location, delivery windows, priorities, allowed vehicles, etc…)
  • Restrictions of vehicles, equipment, capacities…
  • Driver restrictions (working hours, driving hours, breaks…)
  • Cargo restrictions (frozen, dangerous…)
  • Restrictions on the loading and unloading station.
  • Costs (cost per hour, cost per kilometre, cost per stop, fixed cost…)
  • Real maps of roads, including details of road works in progress.


Implementing the ORTEC for SAP®ERP solution will save your company a lot of money, increase the service levels requested by your customers and reduce your ecological footprint. You will achieve a real improvement of your transport processes from the beginning, that is, from the storage processes (picking and packaging).


ORTEC is one of the largest providers of advanced planning and optimization services.
Its products and services fully optimize fleet routing and dispatching, vehicle and pallet loading, personnel planning, delivery forecasting, logistics network planning and warehouse control. They are stand-alone, customizable, SAP-certified and integrated solutions that are supported by strategic partners.

Other modules available from ORTEC for the optimization of routes and truck loads are:

  • ORTEC Load Building for SAP ERP
  • ORTEC Route Scheduling for SAP ERP
  • ORTEC Web Portal for Load Building
  • ORTEC Transport Load Optimizer
  • ORTEC Cross Docking for SAP ERP

Here you can find the link to ORTEC’s Portfolio.

As oficial Ortec Partner, en 3Hold Technologieswe help our clients with the process of route planning and load space optimization, using ORTEC’s innovative solutions for SAP. If you want more information about this solution or are considering its implementation in your business, get in touch with us!