S/4HANA Drive

Discover the advantages of S/4HANA for your business before migration

Thanks to S/4HANA Drive, you will be able to see the advantages that S/4HANA has for your business, especially in comparison with the current version. Additionally, you will be able to check the degree of difficulty of your SAP system so that it can be migrated to the new version.

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How does it work?

In order to make the reports available that lets us verify the advantages that S/4HANA has for your business, in comparison with the current version, and on the other hand check the degree of difficulty of your SAP system so that it can be migrated to the new version, the following actions must be carried out:

  1. Update the NetWeaver version to 7.31 SP9. The necessary Code Inspector variants are available from that version onwards.
  2. Send the necessary data to SAP to have the following reports available:
    • SAP Business Scenario Recommendations; and
    • S/4HANA Readiness Check

If your system is not prepared

If you do not have the right patch level, 3Hold can upgrade a copy of your production system to AWS cloud or IBM Public Cloud. We just need a copy of your SAP database. Later, on this created system we will retrieve the necessary data to obtain the official SAP reports.

Detailed report to make the decision to migrate to S/4HANA

Once the reports have been retrieved, 3Hold will analyze both the benefits of the new version for your business and 3Hold’s recommended approach to the migration, be it greenfield or brownfield. The whole process will be explained in a clear and simple way to facilitate your decision.

The following relevant data will be included in the detail of the required project:

  • Project Schedule.
  • Resources required from the client for the project.
  • Consultants and the necessary profiles of the implementer to carry out the project.
  • Cost of the licenses required for migration to S/4HANA.
  • Dimensioning of the machines needed to host the new S/4HANA system, as well as the size of the HANA database that the new system will have.
  • Cost of the S/4HANA migration/implantation project

As an additional action, you can contract the migration with 3Hold Technologies with a 20% discount percentage.


Why S/4HANA Drive?

All benefits at a glance.

Save 20% on migration

You will receive a 20% discount for the migration to S/4HANA performed by 3Hold Technologies.

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