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certified partner

Thanks to our experience with more than 30 clients and more than 50 projects, we have developed our own practice when it comes to designing, creating, migrating, automating and managing SAP workloads in AWS. As a certified partner in both AWS and SAP, we have become the only AWS partner in Spain that has a holistic approach to the realization of SAP projects in AWS.

Innovate, create and extend

Because solutions for SAP on AWS environments cannot always be technical, but often involve adding functional and development knowledge to that of technical nature, we decided to create our own methodology, which reduces the management of the different teams involved in a SAP project on AWS making nothing out of your control.

Your experienced trusted partner

This strength is articulated through a team with proven experience working with AWS technologies since 2012 and with SAP technology since 1998 to meet their most demanding requirements, and consolidates us as a trusted partner to provide the best solutions of its kind and help our customers, mainly in the sectors of wholesale distribution and retail on their way to AWS cloud computing, by offering them creative and innovative solutions.



AWS adoption strategy in SAP environments

We know the best practices of both AWS and SAP to ensure that the defined strategy is a guaranteed success.

Managed Services

The SysOps that adapts to your needs

We take care of the monitoring, management and administration of SAP platforms in AWS in its different modalities, so you can choose the level of service that best suits your budget needs.

Critical Mission

Creation of SAP high availability environments

We will create a unique formula that mixes the high availability solutions that SAP technology puts at our disposal with the best techniques and tools developed by AWS for high growth and high availability environments that ensure the continuity of your business 24 hours a day 365 days a year.

Critical Mission

SAP disaster recovery automation on AWS

We use AWS CloudFormation to automate disaster recovery environments in the event of a service disruption. In this way, your SAP infrastructures will start up in an organized and controlled way to facilitate a rapid service restoration, minimizing the impact on your business.

Deployment and Migration

Design and creation of new SAP environments in AWS

From the definition of the necessary AWS architecture, to the implementation, we offer specific solutions for SAP that provide maximum agility, scalability and automation of your systems.

Deployment and Migration

Hybrid Cloud Environments
for SAP

We create hybrid SAP environments (on cloud and on-premise) that allow you to decide your speed when adopting AWS cloud computing, matching your new investments with the amortization of the existing ones. It also makes it possible for the IT team to acquire the appropriate experience to manage the Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS).

Deployment and Migration

Automation and

We identify and use the AWS solutions that best suit your needs as a SAP customer. In addition, we create our own SAP tools in AWS when we detect functionalities that are not covered by the platform.

Deployment and Migration

SAP workloads migration
to AWS

By following SAP and AWS best practices, and thanks to our holistic approach, we provide the most efficient, secure and fast way to migrate your SAP workloads to AWS. In this way, we elaborate your customized migration plan, committing ourselves to reduce or even eliminate the downtime of your systems in the migration process.



CT2 is a scheduler to define the service hours of your cloud servers and thus help you reduce costs.



CB2 is a plugin that integrates with Nagios, the best OpenSource monitoring tool.


Cloud Archiving for SAP

Archive your SAP data natively, securely and economically in AWS or IBM Cloud.


We help improve the performance of your business

We apply technological and innovative solutions