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From strategy, to implementation, to placement and operations, 3Hold offers a multitude of specific cloud computing services to accelerate the adoption of cloud based technologies in companies to help improve their performance.


We know that the one standard Cloud solution for all businesses or projects doesn´t exist. That´s why we work with the four world-leading Cloud platforms to offer you the one that best suits the needs of your business or project.



Cloud computing integration for your company

We assist companies who are attempting to adapt to cloud computing in a comprehensive and efficient manner. We use the leading market platforms such as Amazon Web Services, IBM Cloud, Azure and Google Cloud Platform. Following our industry´s best practices, our experts in Cloud Computing will work closely with your team to facilitate your company transition to the cloud successfully.


Consulting, Definition and Cloud Strategy

We aim to help you optimize your cloud adoption strategy.
We design and develop global cloud strategies that take into account all aspects of your business and help you to take advantage of the full potential cloud computing can provide. We identify and define the solution that perfectly meets the needs of your company to enhance business processes and operational efficiency.

Deployment & Migration

Design and creation of new cloud environments

According to the technical and economic requirements of your business, we help to design and create new environments in the cloud. From the definition of cloud architecture to its direct implementation, we offer specific solutions that provide the maximum flexibility, scalability, and automation of your systems.
Deployment & Migration

Reducing costs

Cloud computing offers the possibility to adjust infrastructure and maintenance costs to your business’s real needs at any moment. We design highly flexible Cloud infrastructures that are able to adjust the used resources to the actual demand thus optimizing your costs to the maximum. On the other hand, cloud computing facilitates the automation of many of the tasks that until now were performed by administration managers. Thanks to cloud computing, your administrators will be able to focus on what really matters: your business.

Deployment & Migration

Automation and Flexibility

At 3Hold we design and optimize platforms and provide maximum flexibility through the automating of cloud infrastructure. Through this work, your infrastructure will automatically and quickly adapt to the needs of your company at every moment thus ensuring the continuity of its operations.

Deployment & Migration
Migráción SAP a AWS

Workload migration to Cloud

We provide you with the most efficient, safe and quick way to migrate your workloads to the cloud, strictly following the previously developed migration plan. Thanks to the experience of our system experts, we are committed to reduce, and even eliminate, the downtime of your systems in the migration process.

Deployment & Migration

Cloud Security Auditing

Our profound knowledge of the creation and management of cloud infrastructures allows us to understand the security challenges that each cloud migration poses. We perform cloud security audits to identify and eliminate potential vulnerabilities thus ensuring maximum privacy and continuity of your systems at all times.

Critical Mission

Creation of high availability environments

We strive to maintain the availability of your service in the event of any incident. We create high availability environments that ensure business continuity 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. We also offer proactive and reactive solutions that reduce the risks associated with the unavailability of your cloud infrastructure while increasing operational efficiency at the same time.

Critical Mission

Automated Disaster Recovery

We automate disaster recovery environments in case there is a service interruption. Thus, your infrastructure will start in an organized and controlled manner to facilitate the rapid restoration of the service, minimizing the impact on your business operations.

Managed services

The SysOps
that adapts to your needs

We take care of the monitoring, management, and optimization of cloud platforms in their various forms so you can choose the level of service that best suits the needs of your budget. Whether you need 24×7, 12×5, or a personalized service, our team of cloud system management and administration specialists detect and resolve problems immediately and proactively to ensure the optimum performance and continuity of your service.



CT2 is a scheduler to define the service hours of your cloud servers and thus help you reduce costs.



CB2 is a plugin that integrates with Nagios, the best OpenSource monitoring tool.



Test SAP HANA with your
own data before
purchasing it.


Cloud Archiving for SAP

Archive your SAP data natively, securely and economically in AWS or IBM Cloud.


SAP Solutions on AWS

As a certified partner in both AWS and SAP, we offer a range of specialized services for the realisation of SAP projects in AWS

We help improve the performance of your business

We apply technological and innovative solutions