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Servicios Retail


Thanks to our proven experience working in the sector, we offer a range of specialized services and solutions designed to help customers in the retail, wholesale and large distribution sectors to optimize their business processes.


To offer a service of excellence, we surround ourselves with the best manufacturers of software and technology solutions, as well as the best professionals.



Advanced Business Transformation by 3Hold

ABT3 Advanced Business Transformation by 3Hold is a consulting service bundling that is carried out in a maximum of 5 weeks. This methodology combines our experience in the retail sector with market information and the status of the client. The goal is that our client has a complete overview of the current status of the Information Systems and a perspective of the future needs to be covered, resulting in a matrix which includes the three most relevant aspects of each project: Business Impact, Priority, Degree of difficulty.

Servicios Retail – Consultoria

Master Plan

Logistics is one of the main keys for improvement, allowing companies to be competitive.
We can analyze the starting position in this area and help our clients to make their logistics processes more efficient in a realistic and planned way.


Master Plan

We determine the current status of your computer systems and align them with the current reality of information technology, industry trends and future strategy of your company. We analyze and define the best technological tools according to the requirements of your business to be more agile, reduce costs and provide capacity for innovation to the organization and its processes.


Implementation of the retail industry solution

We help our clients to acquire, design, plan and implement SAP Retail. Implementing a SAP industry solution requires specific knowledge of the sector that necessarily has to go beyond technical knowledge. That’s why our staff has proven experience in retail, wholesale or large distribution companies.



Beluga is a process streamlining platform for the Retail, Distribution and Consumer Goods sectors that combines the agility of SAP Fiori and the robustness of SAP ERP. The product already has some standard capabilities that have been implemented by 3Hold for these sectors.
However, we can carry out, in collaboration with the customer, those modifications that provide solutions to specific challenges and help to speed up and improve the business processes of the customer.


SAP Forecast
& Replenishment (F&R)

With SAP Forecasting and Replenishment (SAP F&R) solution for retail we help our customers to optimize the provisioning process and thus anticipate and adapt to the demands of the consumer thanks to the advanced calculation of demand forecasting.


SAP Customer Activity Repository (CAR)

We help our retail customers to collect, clean and centralize all customer data and point of sale (POS) in real time with SAP Customer Activity Repository (CAR) solution, designed to perform data analysis and use these data in other applications.  We accelerate retail analysis and planning, improve demand forecasting and maximize the effectiveness of the promotion and assortment.


Business Process Optimization

The perfect control of the commercial processes is key to be competitive in the assortment and price positioning of your products in the different product families of your company’s commercial network. Thanks to our extensive experience in this area we can help you improve any of your business processes.


Preventive, corrective and evolutionary maintenance services

One of sector characteristics is the large volume of information generated.
This differential fact makes it necessary to optimize the systems that must be prepared to manage it and ensure the availability, continuity and maximum efficiency of SAP solutions for retailers and point-of-sale solutions.



FraudHunter is a big-data based system for detecting fraud in stores.


On-Shelf Availability

On-Shelf Avalability is a detection system for out of stock items on the shelf.


Beluga for Retail

Beluga for Retail is a process streamlining platform that combines the agility of SAP Fiori and robustness of SAP ERP.



Amazon Forecast for SAP

Amazon Forecast is the AWS’s solution for optimizing demand forecasting.  It uses machine learning to combine data from time series with additional variables in order to create forecasts. 3Hold has linked the AWS (Amazon Forecast) world with SAP via a native connector. From the information generated in SAP, the forecast is calculated in AWS and its result is stored again in the ERP. With this connector, you can have your own forecasting engine integrated into SAP ERP, so there’s no need to invest in licenses or expensive integration projects.

Servicios usados de AWS: Amazon Forecast, S3,


POS Data Lake

It creates a redshift database with low latency and the ability to scale concurrently in an unlimited way to create a data lake that will contain the information of all the tickets with all the lines generated by each one of the POS. This information will be used, on the one hand, to analyze patterns of customer consumption or behavior of seasonal items, among other issues. On the other hand, this information will serve as a repository that will provide data through a web service so that different customer applications can consult it.

Servicios de AWS: Redshift, Lambda, API Gateway, S3


Beluga Voice Interface

Alexa is a voice service located in the Amazon cloud.By creating skills, we add functionalities to Alexa so that they are integrated into your systems SAP ERP. Thus, some transactions increasing the productivity of our large-scale distribution and retail customers can be carried out. With Beluga Voice Interface you can manage the stock in store or obtain key performance indicators voice sales without entering the system.

Servicios de AWS: Alexa, Alexa for Business



Ortec solutions for SAP

With ORTEC for SAP innovative solutions, which is an extension to the functionality of the ERP SAP, we can help our customers in the process of optimizing route planning and the space used in loading items in their vehicle fleets.


comerzzia solutions

With the unified trade platform Comerzzia we help our customers to increase sales of physical and digital shops, adding the omnichannel management of customer loyalty, promotions, stock and order management synchronously and in real time.


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