Servicios SAP

We improve the performance of your business


We are a different company that has established a formula of success that starts from a commitment to the best practices in the market, the methodology acquired during years in consulting, research and development, all with a bias towards the pragmatism of having worked as SAP technology consumers clients for many years.


A consultancy that is able to offer you a 360º service for your SAP environment. From consulting, to development and basis administration.


Servicios SAP estrategia

Consulting services for SAP solutions

Thanks to our proven experience working with SAP solutions, we can offer high added value consulting advice services to our clients. We identify opportunities and design strategies that meet the specific company needs in order to optimize processes in all areas and thus enhance our client´s competetiveness.

Development and Implementation
Servicios SAP implantacion

Total or partial implementation of SAP solutions

We offer services for implementing the solutions that make up the SAP universe, such as SAP MM, SAP SD, SAP FI-CO-PA, SAP PP, etc.
Our services cover the whole process from planning, design, and adaptation to the specific needs of a client, to system construction, preparation, production, and support.

Development and Implementation
Servicios SAP integracion

Integration of SAP solutions with third-party ‘legacy’ systems

We integrate SAP solutions with third-party “legacy” systems to increase your business efficiency. We consolidate all business processes under one system, reducing manual processes and maximizing control over the entire value chain, resulting in higher productivity levels.

Servicios SAP mantenimiento

Preventive, corrective and evolutionary maintenance services for SAP solutions

Due to our large experience in the business sector, we know that maintaining SAP solutions is often one of the most critical processes for business stability. At 3Hold we offer preventive, corrective and evolutionary maintenance services for already implemented SAP solutions, to ensure the availability, continuity and maximum efficiency of your business at all times.

Servicios SAP implant

Implantation Services of consultants specialized in market and solution

To always provide you with the best response to the specific needs of your business, we offer you our wide portfolio of expert consultants that will support you in the deployment, maintenance and administration of specific environments. We find the consultant that perfectly matches the requested profile, and we take care of the hiring and subsequent monitoring of the realized activity in your company.

Servicios SAP Sys-ops

SAP Managed Services

In 3Hold we offer managed systems administration services for the SAP world, which help to maintain and optimize the support of our clients’ business processes. We monitor and manage your systems proactively and decisively, to ensure continuity and maximum efficiency of your business at any time. Our technical capacity and our experience with SAP solutions allow us to offer the best comprehensive management of your systems.

We help our customers to improve their business performance

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