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STP Acuster

3Hold Migration Factory for SAP simplifies STP Acuster Group’s transition to AWS

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STP Acuster Group


Development, manufacture and marketing of fluid handling machinery


Industrial Equipment


Migrating from SAP S/4HANA to AWS

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“A step forward to the scalability, security and flexibility required completely transparent to the user.”

Toni Linares

IT Manager, STP Acuster Group

Our client

With factories in Spain and the Netherlands, and branches around the world, STP Acuster Group is a company made up of two companies: STP Group, which specializes in the manufacture and distribution of plastic fittings, and Grupo Acuster, which manufactures hot-melt and electro-melt machines, brass fittings, connections and solutions for fluid piping.

Previous situation

STP Acuster Group is a Spanish company that develops, manufactures and markets products and services for the Water, Gas, Mining and Telecommunications markets.

3Hold has so far managed the customer’s entire SAP platform in its local data center and was aware of the customer’s goals for this project:

  • Having new cloud infrastructures that allow the demand for computing to be adapted  to the business immediately and flexibly.
  • Ensuring that STP systems  were managed according to best market practices.
  • Having adequate infrastructure and licensing costs.


The most critical part of this project was to migrate the entire SAP infrastructure from STP to the AWS cloud and then continue to manage it. 3Hold not only had to perform the migration, but also had to upgrade the customer’s version of S/4HANA 1511 to S/4HANA 1909 and do so transparently to users in order to minimize the impact on the business as much as possible.

The solution

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As in all SAP cloud migration projects, it was very important to have technicians with both SAP and Cloud hybrid knowledge. In fact, when making a version change in the transition to the cloud, it was essential to have a functional and development team in addition to the Basis and Cloud team. In this way, 3Hold ensured that SAP and AWS best practices were followed.

Following the methodology of the AWS Migration Acceleration Program, three clearly differentiated phases were established: 

  • Assess.
  • Mobilize (Proof of Concept).
  • Migrate and Modernize

By following the methodology developed by AWS, and with the experience of many years of carrying out migrations, in addition to 3Hold‘s own adaptations for SAP environments, it was possible to properly design the infrastructure, carry out the customer’s business case and analyze the customer’s capabilities for a cloud infrastructure.

3Hold Migration Factory for SAP corresponds to the three stages defined in the MAP for SAP program  (Assess, Mobilize, Migrate and Modernize)


In the case of the Assess phase, 3Hold divides this into three sub-phases that are designed to address any digital transformation project:

Discover: Determining the current SAP situation through an analysis of the current business situation and the technology available to the company.

Brainstorming: Sessions with workshops aimed at discussing and reaching a consensus on the business or technological proposals that are pursued to achieve the objective of the SAP project and which are based on the best practices proposed by both AWS and SAP.

Planning: Preparation of the final detailed documentation at all levels with the elements necessary to carry out the implementation of the design. In this phase, costs, resources, time and other elements necessary for decision making are determined.


Once the Assess phase was completed, where good planning was developed and all the necessary elements for the migration were determined, the Mobilize phase followed.

In this phase, the basic configurations necessary to perform the proofs of concept in a test environment were carried out. As a result, VPN configuration between the STP and AWS, the creation of instances to verify the connections and a test of an upgrade process of a S/4HANA Sandbox environment was developed. This test verified the performance and availability of the system. Tests were also conducted to measure the latency between the STP and AWS for the proper functioning of SAP.

All processes were carried out thoroughly according to the planning and within the estimated timeframe for the completion of each phase.

Migrate and Modernize

For the Migrate and Modernize phase, several iterations were carried out and are explained below:

The first consisted of setting up the necessary adjustments to the AWS CloudEndure Migration Solution service, which allowed us to carry out the project with a “Lift and Shift” approach. This very interesting service provided by AWS was used for the migration of SAP S/4HANA, SAP Fiori, SAP BO, SAP Solution Manager and other non-SAP environments.

The migration process was initially carried out with the development environments, which helped to generate documentation to detect necessary steps to be implemented in the production environments and thus further decrease the system downtime of the migration process.

This solution allowed for an agile migration and facilitated the overall validations of the migrated environments, while providing the security of rollback in case of any issues.

The project involved the migration of 14 SAP servers, 11 Windows and 2 Linux, for a total of 37 migrated servers.

Another important point in SAP environments is the use of the AWS Backint agent, which facilitates the configuration and storage management of HANA database backups in S3 containers.

To backup files and snapshots of the migrated instances, the Veeam Backup service was activated in the AWS Marketplace and the corresponding adjustments were made for the different environments.

Citrix Virtual Apps and Desktops was also configured on AWS and deployed in a new environment, with the most up-to-date versions of this product. This service provides STP users with the availability to access all STP desktop systems/applications, as if they were in the same office.

To prevent system crashes and to ensure that the SAP S/4HANA environment was available, a failover configuration of the application servers as well as the central instance was set up. On the other hand, HANA System Replication was configured to have a HANA replica, which minimises downtime in case of hardware failures in any of the instances in that availability zone.

This project was carried out by a multidisciplinary team. The 3Hold team consisted of a junior consultant, a senior consultant, an expert consultant and a project manager. The STP team consisted of the CTO and a senior systems consultant.

The first phase lasted about 3 weeks and the subsequent phases lasted 2 weeks. This enabled the migration to be carried out and allowed time for validation/checking of the equipment concerned.

3Hold’s service management is based on one of the best tools on the market with Agile and ITIL methodology. We are referring to Jira. In this system, STP manages the entire flow of requests and incidents and then easily tracks them.

AWS provides the customer with the reliability, peace of mind and security of having their infrastructure on a platform that will enhance STP Acuster Group’s technological growth.

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