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Daufood, the domino’s pizza master franchise in Europe
ready for expansion with AWS




Pizza delivery operating a network of company-owned and franchise-owned stores


Food and Drinks


Migration from SAP to AWS

Products and services

SAP Retail, AWS

“This migration process needed to be led by a technology partner such as 3Hold with extensive knowledge and experience both in AWS migration projects, and in the subsequent support and maintenance of our SAP systems. And the result of the project, in time and form, could not have been more satisfactory.”

Javier Pastor

CTO, Domino’s Pizza

The client

Daufood, which has its headquarters in Barcelona, ​​is the owner of the Domino’s Pizza Master Franchise in different countries in Europe. After the recent acquisition of the Anatron Group (owner of the Domino’s Pizza Franchise Master in several countries in southeastern Europe) and with a total of fourteen franchises it has become the world’s first franchisee of the brand, in terms of countries in which it operates.

Daufood began its journey in Portugal in 2015, subsequently opening Austria and Slovakia in 2017 and recently, in the Czech Republic. It currently has more than 950 employees and more than 130 own stores and franchises.

Offering a quality product with the best service, are the distinguishing features that define Daufood. EMPLOYEES, their COMMITMENT and PASSION are the success factors that form their DNA together with innovation and an unlimited desire to improve.

Domino’s Pizza, a world leader in its sector, was founded in 1960 in the United States and today has more than 16,000 stores and a presence in more than 92 countries.

Previous situation

Daufood reached out to 3Hold Technologies with a triple objective:

  • Have new Cloud infrastructures that allow adapting the demand for computing to the business, making it possible to increase or decrease capacity easily.
  • Ensure that Daufood systems are managed following the best practices in the market with the objective that data is always available to Daufood.
  • Have adequate licensing costs and that these licensed products cover all of the company’s processes optimally.

3Hold is a certified partner in both SAP (SAP Gold Partner) and AWS (Advanced Consulting Partner). Additionally, 3Hold has the AWS SAP competency, for the realization of SAP On-Premise migration projects to the Amazon Web Services cloud, as well as for its correct administration.

The most critical part of this project was to migrate the entire SAP infrastructure of Daufood to the AWS cloud for later management. 3Hold does not simply perform a migration but instead performs it transparently for users to minimize the impact on business.


From the start, 3Hold advised migrating to Amazon Web Services. AWS is the absolute leader in Cloud infrastructure because it has five times the processing capacity of all its competitors together. Also, it has the most advanced services at very competitive costs.

3Hold has made several SAP infrastructure migrations to the cloud successfully, so this migration was going to be one more for the tranquility of Daufood. After the migration, 3Hold would be responsible for the complete administration of the SAP systems. This administration started from the lowest layer (infrastructure) to the highest (functional).

Project requirements

As in any other project, there are two types of requirements: functional and technical. These requirements were fully met and are detailed below.


  • Implement a certified AWS architecture ensuring SAP support is available at all times.
  • That architecture must be adjusted to the current needs of it to optimize costs.
  • Implement a scalable architecture that can meet the future needs of Daufood
  • Take advantage of Cloud capabilities to reduce recurring costs as much as possible.


  • RTO of 8 hours and RPO of 1 hour for environments with DR and RTO of 1 hour and RPO of 15 minutes in environments with HA.
  • 24×7 availability for production environments.
  • Availability in working hours or on-demand for development and quality environments.
  • Interoperability with the rest of Daufood applications.


In a project with such characteristics, it is important to have technicians with a hybrid SAP and Cloud profile. This allows them to have the advanced concepts of SAP assimilated and know how to correctly deploy the environments following the best practices recommended by AWS. Thanks to this, 3Hold was able to meticulously carry out the design of the infrastructure in AWS with different types of instances that were adapted to the needs of the project.

One of these instances is our Cloud Time Table (CT2) solution. CT2 is a consistent scheduler that allows you to program the stop and start of the environments automatically. Because Cloud services are charged by the hour, CT2 allows a cost reduction of up to 65% in SAP development and quality systems.

In the previous graph, there are several self-scaling groups, which guarantee the high availability of these environments.

Two tools were used to migrate the entire infrastructure:

  • Export/import of servers in Vmware using an AWS proprietary tool for SAP BO servers.
  • Homogeneous copy of the other SAP servers through backup/restore.

3Hold has a deep knowledge of the different existing migration procedures and performs an analysis of how to act most efficiently in each scenario taking into account several key aspects:

  • The method used must ensure the consistency of the data.
  • The procedure should be as simple and automated as possible to minimize errors and working hours.
  • Finally, we must minimize downtime on critical servers.

Another important point of the project for Daufood was the backup storage application. This application stores backup copies of SAP databases, in S3 containers. These containers provide great reliability at a cost ten times lower – a great change from the alternative that was being used in on-premise.

For service management, 3Hold uses one of the best tools in the market with Agile, JIRA methodology. This tool allows Daufood to open requests and incidents and then track them simply and visually.

The SAP systems services managed by 3Hold are composed of three types of recurring tasks of different periodicity:

  • Preventive: This includes all the monitoring and all checks and reports that are made to prevent future problems in the systems. Good administration will make the greatest amount of administration time spent here.
  • Corrective: All actions aimed at correcting an error. These errors can come from detection in a preventive task or from an open ticket in JIRA.
  • Evolutionary: All systems need to evolve and have the latest patches applied to keep them updated and safe. Periodic patches are performed at the operating system, database, and SAP level.

These tasks cause the good state of SAP systems and minimize problems in the medium term, achieving a stable infrastructure.

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