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Project Description


Design and implementation of SAP,
B2B and CRM systems for LOGIFRIO´s Food Service.




Storage, handling and distribution of food products at three temperatures



Food Service


Design and implementation of the support systems for Logifrío’s new purchasing business.

Products and services


The client

LOGIFRIO is the leading operator in temperature controlled logistics services in Spain and Portugal. The company stores, handles and distributes food products at three temperatures (refrigerated, frozen and ambient).

LOGIFRIO has 30 platforms on the Peninsula and Islands with a capacity greater than 280,000 m3 of cold and a coverage of more than 20,000 capillarity points.

Over three decades, Logifrio has been at the forefront of the multi-temperature transport sector thanks to a solid business strategy. A strategy based on a clear vocation of customer service, a high degree of specialization, a constant investment in the most advanced technologies and their geographical positioning.

Previous situation

LOGIFRIO, a national storage and transportation company, launched a new line of business through which it offers to its clients of the channel Food Service of organized catering industry the integral service of purchases, storage and distribution of merchandise

In order to offer the complete service to the organised catering, LOGIFRIO decided to implement new tools and procedures to support this type of activity that, until now, did not perform.

The challenge

For the provision of the full service it was identified that LOGIFRIO would need the following systems in a first phase:

• SAP as a supply and merchandise management system capable of managing all the commercial activity related to the new line of business.
• B2B WEB portal for the order entry and communication with customers.
• “Customer service Incident support tool for end customer users

Within the scope of this initiative, LOGIFRIO requested the services of 3Hold Technologies for the development of this project, both in the technical aspect due to 3Hold Technologie´s knowledge in SAP and AWS environment, as well as in the functional definition of the organization and the activities to be carried out by the new LOGIFRIO purchasing team.

In addition, given the special characteristics of this project, LOGIFRIO requested 3Hold Technologies that both the configuration of the work team and the other costs associated with the project occur in a flexible and variable manner, so that LOGIFRIO could interrupt the project at any time without incurring more costs than those that had already been produced until that time and without having an impact on their information systems at that time.

The solution

The final goal of the project was to provide LOGIFRIO with the computer systems and working procedures necessary to start the purchasing activity and stock management for the organized catering industry channel.


For the management of the entire commercial circuit necessary for the development of the purchasing activity, SAP was selected as the management system due to its wide-ranging functional scope and, consequently, the capacity of this ERP to cover both the current needs of the business, as well as future requirements.

Likewise, the system can also be used at a later stage to replace some of LOGIFRIO’s current management systems, such as the financial or personnel management systems.

The scope of the implementation of the SAP system included the functional definition of the business processes, their implementation in the system, as well as the necessary developments for the proper functioning of the business and the integration with the current LOGIFRIO systems.

B2B Portal

The scope foreseen for the first version of the developed B2B portal consisted of creating orders and the order status.
The platform was prepared to add future functionalities beyond the scope of this first phase, such as: stock management, invoice management, master data management. etc.


The scope foreseen for the first version of the implemented Customer Center system consisted of providing the customer support team with a tool capable of giving a quick and as wide-ranging view of the customer’s situation as possible. The objective was for the support team to meet customer requirements as diligently as possible.


To accelerate the project, and given to the fact that LOGIFRIO was not developing the activities for which the systems were being implemented at that time, a “Hands-On” project approach was proposed, in which a first quick functional design was carried out to immediately start parameterizing it in the SAP system and finish to adjust the processes on the system itself.

This approach is not the one recommended by SAP in its ASAP® methodology for the implementation of a complete SAP system; however, given the particular characteristics of this project it was considered to be the best cost-benefit approach for LOGIFRIO.


Since the project could be “interrupted” at any time, infrastructure cost must be as flexible as possible. For this, both the installation of the development system that was used during the project, and the quality and production system were implemented in a pay-per-use server of AWS to subsequently make the relevant reservations to save costs.


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