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Fund Grube


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Migration from SAP to AWS

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“We can change the size of our compute instances on the fly to accommodate our business needs.”

Begoña Beotegui

CIO, Fund Grube

The client

Fund Grube is one of the major retail chains in Canary Islands dedicated to the beauty and accessory sector.
Founded in 1983, Fund Grube is mainly aimed at the tourist market and at clients who wish to cover one or more of the needs listed in its offer or, simply, at clients who wish to have a satisfactory commercial experience in one of its 40 stores distributed in local and tourist areas of Gran Canaria, Tenerife, Lanzarote and Fuerteventura.
Fund Grube has recently made the leap to the rest of the Spanish market by opening a new store in the Balearic Islands.

Previous situation

With the aim of making its infrastructure more flexible and modern by migrating it to the cloud, Fund Grube went to 3Hold Technologies, a certified partner in both SAP (SAP Gold Partner), and AWS (Advanced Consulting Partner). Additionally, 3Hold has the AWS SAP competence, which accredits it as a reliable partner for the realization of SAP On-Premise migration projects to the Amazon Web Services cloud.

The main objective of this project was to migrate Fund Grube´s entire SAP infrastructure to the AWS cloud. In addition, there were two important additional objectives: The first was to carry out the project in a transparent way for users so that it did not impact the business, and the second was to provide the productive systems of a DR with an RTO of less than 1 hour and an RPO less than 15 minutes.


The main challenge of this project was that Fund Grube had a time limit for migration. There were only three months left for the expiration of hardware maintenance where all their systems resided and they did not plan to renew it since they were looking for an infrastructure that was growing at the same pace as their business.

3Hold advised from the very beginning to realize the migration to AWS. AWS is the leading cloud services company and has the most advanced services at very competitive costs. As an AWS Advanced Consulting Partner with SAP competence, 3Hold has successfully completed multiple migrations of SAP infrastructure to the cloud. On this occasion, however, we faced the additional challenge of having to perform the migration in a maximum of 3 months. To perform a migration of all SAP systems in such a short time, it is vital to secure the complicity and involvement of the client, as it was the case in this project.

Project requirements

Any migration that includes SAP environments should be analyzed carefully and with a global vision. These environments are key to the business and will be connected to other systems. So they can not be treated as isolated applications but a part of a whole.

At 3Hold, we believe that it is vitally important for customers to select business partners who not only understand the technical implications of these platforms, but who can understand the underlying business challenges. These partners have the role of advising the solutions that should or should not be the object of migration, the ideal time to perform the same, the order of priorities, etc. With this holistic approach, not only technical problems are avoided, but also the inconvenience that a project of this nature can pose for the business is minimized.


It is important to have technicians with a hybrid SAP and Cloud profile. This allows them to have the advanced concepts of SAP assimilated and know how to correctly deploy the environments following the best practices recommended by AWS. Thanks to this, 3Hold was able to meticulously carry out the design of the infrastructure in AWS with different types of instances that were adapted to the needs of the project without jeopardizing at any time the good performance of the platform.

One of these instances is our Cloud Time Table (CT2) solution. CT2 is a consistent scheduler that allows you to program the stop and start of the environments automatically. Because Cloud services are charged by hour, CT2 allows a cost reduction of up to 65% in SAP development and quality systems.

In the previous graph only the SAProuter is in a self-scaling group, which guarantees the high availability of this environment. In a second phase of the project a migration to HANA (including the HANA replication configuration) was agreed with Fund Grube. In addition, our ScaleSAP software has been applied to the SAP application servers. This software allows the self-scaling of these servers, achieving on the one hand high availability and on the other a DR system that allows an RTO of less than 1 hour and an RPO of less than 15 minutes.

For the migration of the entire infrastructure, the AWS SMS tool was used, which made it possible to make a copy of each of the on-premise installed servers on different AMI’s on AWS. These AMI’s were reliable and consistent images of Fund Grube´s systems. The images were created and updated daily, in blocks and without the users being affected. This way, only one last synchronization had to be done on the day of migration.

Thanks to the SMS this synchronization was very fast since it is incremental synchronizations. Once the corresponding environment migration was finished, only a few more had to be done to have the system fully migrated. After thorough preparation, the downtime of each system was less than two hours and in some cases one hour.

Another important point of the project for Fund Grube was the reduction of backup storage costs. This objective was achieved thanks to the use of S3 containers to store backup copies of SAP databases. AWS S3 service provides unbeatable durability of 99.999999999% (11 nines) and 99.99% availability at a cost ten times lower than the on-premise alternative that was being used before.

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