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Project Description


Migration from SAP ECC 6 EHP6 to AWS




Manufacture of ceramic sanitary ware


Manufacturing industry


Installation of SAP ECC 6 in AWS

Products and services


El cliente

Roca began its activity in 1917 manufacturing cast iron radiators for domestic heating at its factory in Gavà, near Barcelona.

After producing the first cast iron radiators, the firm expanded its portfolio with the production of boilers. In 1929, Roca definitively dedicated itself to the bathroom, starting the production of bathtubes.

After producing the first cast iron radiators, it complemented its catalogue with the production of boilers. In 1929, the company finally focused on the bathroom and began to manufacture bathtubs.

Always attentive to the changes in society related to the culture of water, the main natural resource with which Roca works, in 1936 the company took on the challenge of producing sanitary porcelain, and in 1954 Roca started to manufacture taps.

In the 1990s the Group developed a first phase of international expansion, mainly based on setting up commercial branches and the signing of agreements with leading companies in their markets. Besides Portugal and France, the commercial presence began to spread over the United Kingdom, Germany, Italy, Russia, Morocco, Argentina, Brazil and China.

The turning point in the internationalisation process took place in 1999 with the acquisition of the Swiss group Keramik Holding Laufen, the world’s fourth largest manufacturer of sanitary ware.

The acquisition of Laufen allowed the Group to consolidate its presence in strategic markets where the brand had less presence, such as Eastern Europe, Brazil and the United States.

In 2005 Roca announced an ambitious strategic plan focused on the bathroom sector, and became world leader in this sector in 2006.
Today, Roca’s sales network spreads over 170 countries and supplied them with its 78 production plants and more than 22,000 employees worldwide.

Currently, Roca continues to be a wholly Spanish company dedicated to the creation of bathroom spaces, an activity that has made it a global benchmark.

To reach this dimension is a great pride, almost as important as, for decades, being one of the best-known, most valued and most integrated brands into the imaginary of Spanish society. To take its partnership with society one step further, in 2009 the Roca Barcelona Gallery was inaugurated, an emblematic building for the brand experience – that was followed by those in Madrid, Lisbon, London, Shanghai and Beijing.

These are spaces created to interact with Roca’s water culture, its products and values, which also hosts cultural activities, exhibitions, conferences and debates related to topics such as design, sustainability or architecture. These events are in themselves a reflection of Roca’s interest in continuing to advance hand in hand with society for many years to come.


To ensure that the legal changes in its Indian subsidiary did not affect the correct execution of other projects and developments that were already advanced in other subsidiaries and at the head office, Roca decided to duplicate both SAP ERP development systems and quality management systems.

The objective of this duplicity was to have two development environments available in parallel, with different teams of consultants and that, at some point, once the developments and tests were finished, this second branch of development would be reunited with the usual one and then disappear
In order to carry out this duplication, Roca asked us to clone its quality and development SAP ECC 6 to AWS.

The decision to perform this cloning on the AWS platform was taken for three main reasons:, firstly, to avoid having to make costly hardware investments for a project that was a one-off need.

Secondly, the need to accelerate the availability of the copy of its two SAP ERP environments, since standard on-premise system creation are much longer.

And thirdly, to explore the creation and management of infrastructures at the leading provider of cloud computing: AWS.

Thanks to this project, Roca was able to make its SAP ERP development and quality systems available to its consultants in India within a week, accelerating the IT department`s processing by 75%.


Several objectives were to be achieved. On the one hand, the challenge was to have a fully operational copy of the SAP ERP development and quality management environments in less than two weeks, while ensuring that the system met the high standards of security, stability and performance required by Roca.

On the other hand, the system had to be integrated into their SAP Landscape quickly so that the consultants could start as soon as possible.

Finally, the AWS network had to be an extension of their data centers to be able to quickly deploy new environments in the future.


The approach included the installation, migration and configuration of a landscape composed of two environments of the following SAP products:

• Two instances of SAP ECC 6 EHP 6 on Windows and Oracle (DEV and QA).

In addition to SAP environments, the following infrastructure was provided:

• A Windows Bastion instance for administration and installation tasks.
• An instance for Cloud Time Table (CT2)

CT2 from 3Hold Technologies is a consistent scheduler that helps to save costs in the Cloud.

Through the scheduler you can create personalized calendars for the use of your servers in a very graphic and simple way, both individually or in groups. Thus, instances will be used only when needed.

In the specific case of Roca, a configuration that used the instances only 40% of the time was established, saving approximately 50% of the cost.



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