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Project Description


SAP infrastructure migration over IBM Cloud




Plumbing, heating and air conditioning systems installations




SAP infrastructure migration to cloud

Products and services

SAP, IBM Cloud

“Thanks to 3Hold the risks were reduced as we did not have to maintain the infrastructures in our central offices.”

Gisela Valderrama

CEO, Climava


For more than 40 years, Climava has offered an excellent quality of service in installations and integral maintenance. Climava is positioned as one of the leading installation companies in the Spanish market, has capabilities and participates regularly in large-scale projects in the sector. The company has its own engineering department to develop projects from design to commissioning of installations in a quick and effective manner, always ensuring that their projects work with maximum efficiency and that they provide value to their customers.

The company has its own engineering department to develop projects from start to finish, that is, from design to commissioning of facilities, all executed quickly and effectively and getting the projects always work with maximum efficiency and provide value to its customers.


The arrival of obsolescense of the systems of Climava generated the debate of the obligatory renewal of the infrastructure that had to support its SAP systems during the following years.

Climava wanted to opt for a scalable future architecture and that would allow the organization to adapt to the future growth that the company would face in the coming years with the help of one of the leading cloud solutions in the market.


3Hold proposed Climava to migrate both its SAP ECC system and its offerings tool to IBM Cloud quickly and securely.

The previous operation allowed the client to enjoy the advantages that we will list later, but among the most important are having their systems hosted in the Cloud and that the company is aligned with the market trend. It was one of the first companies in the sector to accelerate its digital transformation by migrating its SAP systems to the IBM Cloud.


For the implementation, 3Hold´s methodology has been applied, based on the manufacturers’ recommendations and best practices in SAP and Cloud Computing.

Four cycles were defined for the system migration project, and each cycle consisted of four other tasks necessary to complete each of them:

(a) preparation of environments,
(b) migration to Cloud,
(c) validation of the platform, and
(d) approval of the migration.

Cycle I – IBM Cloud Infrastructure

The execution of the first migration cycle was carried out, which consisted of the preparation of all the cloud infrastructure necessary to host the Climava systems. The client’s requirements were taken into account in terms of connectivity with their delegations. users needed for administration, forecast of expected growth, etc.

Cycle II – Sandbox

The first real migration cycle was executed, which consisted in carrying out a homogeneous migration using the tools that SAP has for this purpose and following the manufacturer’s good practices.

Cycle III – Development

The migration team repeated the process on over the development system. Not only is this done because it is a SAP recommendation, but also because it is a perfect opportunity for the client to validate their first migrated system before migrating to their production system. This system, once migrated, will definitely remain in IBM Cloud.

Cycle IV – Go-Live Production

Cycle IV consisted in of the actual execution of the migration process in the time window agreed with the client, repeating all the steps that had to be carried out, but in a much more automated and secure way, so that there was no room for improvisation.  From that moment on, the actions began in the different offices of the client so that both users and other systems could point to the new SAP server in IBM Cloud.


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