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Fund Grube

Specialized strategy of systems for retail


Fund Grube


Retail chain for beauty, lifestyle and fashion products


Retail trade


Specialized strategy of systems for retail

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The client

Fund Grube is one of the major retail chains in Canary Islands dedicated to the beauty and accessory sector.
Founded in 1983, Fund Grube is mainly aimed at the tourist market and at clients who wish to cover one or more of the needs listed in its offer or, simply, at clients who wish to have a satisfactory commercial experience in one of its 40 stores distributed in local and tourist areas of Gran Canaria, Tenerife, Lanzarote and Fuerteventura.
Fund Grube has recently made the leap to the rest of the Spanish market by opening a new store in the Balearic Islands.


A few years ago, Fund Grube began a process of modernization of its information systems which, in turn, has led to the necessary renewal of the most critical systems for its retail business.
Once the main systems are updated and stabilized, Fund Grube wants to define the next steps in the systems field by drawing up a Systems Master Plan for the coming years.


Using the Advanced Business Transformation by 3Hold (ABT3) methodology, 3Hold helped Fund Grube in this challenge and in just five weeks the transformation required by the Company was evident.

Phase I: Discover

The first phase of the methodology consists in understanding as broadly as possible the current situation of the company, including the most relevant departments and their business processes.
The result of this phase will be a complete view of the current situation with respect to of the actual Information Systems, as well as a perspective of on the future needs to be covered to ensure compliance with the strategic objectives of the business.

Phase II: Brainstorming

In this second phase of the methodology, we work together with the main people in charge of the business areas in order to draw up an initiative plan. To this end, the different alternative approaches for the resolution of the projects identified in the first phase as strategic in each area are assessed.

Phase III: Planning

Finally, during the third phase of this methodology, each of the projects identified during the previous phases is measured both economically and in terms of effort.

Once the times and costs of each project are available, they are prioritized using the Prioritization Matrix. In this matrix, the weighting is calculated in three axes in order to obtain a clear vision of the three most relevant aspects of each project:

•Business impact
• Priority
• Degree of difficulty

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Phases of implementation of the ABT3 methodology

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