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SAP Cloud Platform (SCP) is a platform as a service (PaaS) with a wide variety of services where companies can innovate, integrate and expand their applications in an agile and flexible way. SAP Cloud Platform not only allows you to improve your ERP, it also makes it possible to create comprehensive solutions in the cloud without having to have a physical infrastructure. It also allows you to communicate these solutions with your ERP.

What does SAP Cloud Platform offer us?

SCP offers a wide range of services. You can find services of mobility, Internet of Things, Machine Learning, Big Data, etc. In short, all those services you may need in daily retail operations to improve your business.

With SAP cloud Platform you can:

  • Expand cloud solutions. You can integrate your solution with other solutions offered by SAP in the Cloud.
  • Customize and extend existing applications in your ERP, regardless of whether they run on premise or in the cloud.
  • Integrate on premise and cloud solutions. Thanks to SAP Cloud Platform Integration, you can integrate your systems or applications with third-party services and applications.
  • Develop new applications in the cloud regardless of whether or not you have a SAP On Premise system. You can create your application and run it directly on the cloud.


What can SAP Cloud Platform offer in the Retail sector?

SCP can bring great value to your business.

Let’s take a look at some examples:

E-commerce Platform
Imagine that you have the S/4Hana Retail solution and you have the need to create an e-commerce that can attend to your customers’ requests. This e-commerce must be able to be scalable and flexible, since at certain times of the day it may have a high demand. Thanks to SAP Cloud Platform you can create a fully scalable and flexible e-commerce in the cloud and communicate it with your S/4Hana Retail. It´s that simple! 

Mobile environments
Every day we need more mobility to bring more value to our customers. That is why SCP allows us to develop mobile applications and have them integrated with a multitude of services. As an example, you could have a mobile store inventory management solution that is fully integrated with S/4Hana Retail and through the SAP Cloud Platform Enterprise Messaging service report out-of-stocks, for example, to section or store managers.

Internet of Things (IoT)
Your customers are just as important to you as the quality of the product you are going to sell. With the Internet of things you could have the traceability of your fresh products to see that at no time the cold chain is broken, or create alarms if the temperature of the refrigerators begins to rise. SCP has an IdC service that allows you to integrate it with your ERP or with a multitude of services. Keep the quality of your products without scares!

Traceability has become a very important factor in products. Being able to detect products in poor condition or contaminated is key in any business. To do so, you could create traceability through blockchain and thus be able to trace any batch of products in poor condition. With SPC you have blockchain services that allow you to create the traceability of all your products and have it integrated into your S/4Hana Retail.  

As we have seen, SAP Cloud Platform can offer many services so that any company with SAP can scale its business in an agile way. From extensions of our SAPUI5 applications to large projects hosted entirely in the cloud. We must not forget the power of SAP Cloud Platform Integration that allows us to integrate our ERP with an endless number of services and thus improve operations.

As a  SAP Silver Partner  Cloud Computing and SAP Retail solution experts, at 3Hold we help you to integrate SAP Cloud Platform with the rest of your solutions. We accompany our clients in their most complex projects, transforming that complexity into robust and simple solutions, generating value for your company. If you are considering the integration of SCP in your company or you need more information about this solution or our services, get in touch with us, we will be happy to innovate with you!

Here we leave you some interesting links to the official documentation of SCP:

About the Author:

Javier Martinez Solera
SAP Full Stack Developer & SCP Consultant en 3Hold Technologies

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